Monday, December 5, 2011

Sharecroppers Rock!

We had a wonderful time yesterday at our 4th Annual Sharecroppers party!  Great group of ladies...we all just laugh and laugh and laugh.  Some of these ladies I've known for over 10 years...but there are always some newer faces to the group which makes it so much fun.

Here we all our together for our annual group shot:
And then we always do a goofball shot:
Because we like to do "goof" well.
Sometimes we take pictures of each I am with my good friend, Debbie, with a photo bomber (Jenna) in the background!
(Our friend, Christine made these cute little elf hats for us.)
We always have good things to eat:
We play games:
We do little gifts for each other...Usually we each bring a stocking and fill the stockings but this year Debbie made this cute little burlap covered boxes:
And we each put our gifts in the boxes.
Here's a close up of my box:
We laugh a lot...and before you know it...four hours (!) had gone by and it was time to say good night and head on home. 

I <3 my girlfriends...they are the best!

Oh...and here is what I made for each of the ladies...they were little post it note holders put into acrylic refrigerator friends.  I stamped a sentiment with a Close to My Heart stamp and they turned out pretty cute, I think.
The sentiment said:  "Just living is not must have to have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." and is by Hans Christian Andersen.

I love it (although a nice new pair of boots would also be great!)!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Seems like you really had a good time, Susan. great photos

  2. Enjoyed the photos. Looks like fun was had by all. Like the quote especially for the word 'Sunshine.'

  3. OH! That looks like a LOT of fun!!!!
    Great photos!!!!


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