Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

The next couple of days will pass in a whirlwind!  I'm sitting here drinking coffee and watching the Today show but know I need to get moving.

I wanted to share my Christmas card for this year.  I used to handmade paper cards and still do a few of those each year but several years back I started doing photo cards.  I design my own on a blank 6 x 7 1/2 inch canvas and then upload the jpeg file to Costco to get them printed out.  I love getting cards with photos (and loving how my friend's families change over the years) so like doing the same. 

This year I used an idea I had seen on Pinterest (as I've said....the GREATEST source for recipes, craft ideas, paper crafting ideas, crochet, DIY home projects, style, etc....).  Anyway, I loved the idea of the highlights of the year instead of a lengthy Christmas letter (let's face it...those letters with every detail in one's life have become er, uh...dull....although maybe you disagree).  Now, my friend Donna does a booklet with tons of pictures of her family (it's 8 pages and stapled like a booklet) and has dozens of pictures of her family with funny little captions and I LOVE it and look forward to it each year...although perhaps the most fun part about it is hearing her complain about doing it each year! (HAHA, Donna!)  Most of the time...this is awful...but when I get the big Christmas letter I visually scan it and then put it in a pile with the others with the intention of rereading it at some point...and often never get around to it! :)  I'm bad...

Don't get me wrong...I do enjoy getting the letters...but I don't always READ them closely if they are page after page after page...  What about you?

So here is my card:
You may not be able to read the highlights but basically it is a Top Ten list ala' Letterman style...ending with #1 which was the birth of our granddaughter, Taylor.  #2 on the list was the graduation of my son, Jeremy, from college this year! 
I liked the idea of the highlights and my make this my annual card from now on...with just minor changes in design. 

I actually came across the card I did last year so will throw that one in here for good measure...

But with last year's I included the 12 page letter!!! :)  Be happy I went to the highlights card this year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

It's time to finish up those last minute details and make my list for our big meal....

And lastly...Happy Crafting!


  1. Susan you are lucky to get letters! Here we have all gone techno and its emails and sms!

  2. I like your Top Ten Highlights photo card.

  3. Got your card and LOVED it!!!
    Ya did forget 'Ol Molly Malone but that's just between you and me.. ;) (Wink wink...) LOL
    THANK YOU so much for thinking of me this Christmas!!!

  4. You sent out a 12-page letter last year?? Did I get it? I hope I didn't scan it and set it aside. =)

    I love your card this year! That's not a bad idea to do the same basic thing each year. Actually, that's what I do. (Thanks for your compliments. I even own up to the heavy complaining about doing my cards.)


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