Thursday, December 8, 2011

Expression Through Paint

I've talked about my obsession with "MAKING STUFF".  I just like keeping my hands busy.  Over the years I have engaged in all kinds of crafty methods....knitting, crocheting, stained glass (a very expensive hobby), sewing, paper crafting (of course) AND....dum dee dumm dumm...PAINTING!  I did go through a painting phase several years ago and really, really enjoyed it...but it just soooo messy.  And unlike paper crafting that I can leave until I'm in the mood to clean up you just can't do that with paint!  You HAVE to clean up as you go or as you finish for the day for the most part.  Not good for me...who likes to make a mess! 
Anyway, this is one of my all time favorite ornaments.  I made it!  Woohoo!!! It's just a little triangle with a hole drilled in it for a hanger...and I  (me, myself and I...and a pattern of course) made it look like a Santa!  I just love that!  Isn't he cute?
He's probably nearly 20 years old.  Wow....I wish I'd dated him but I didn't.  But I was in my Paint Era in the early to mid 90s so simple calculation says this little guy is getting on up there in years!

Anyway, he's one of my favorites and I enjoy putting him on my tree each year.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Looks like the painted Santa ornament has held up thru the yrs nicely. Especially like how you photographed it. You can enter this no matter when you made it since it is first time posting in the following challenge: Decorate to Celebrate Christmas Party Decor & you can link it up at Docelera Creations Christmas Tree Link Up Party.

  2. What a pretty painted ornament! Did you use acrylic (like toll painting or oil?) I also went through a painting phase (oil and then watercolor)- the oil was a terrible mess (thought I was Bob Ross HAHA) - the watercolor suited me better (that at least cleans up easy). :)Amy

  3. Susan, you and I truly ARE twins! LOL And yes, stained glass is VERY expensive to do...your santa is truly wonderful and, although paints are messy, they are FUN!


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