Thursday, December 1, 2011


I've talked with many of you about this...when is it time to change traditions?  You know, you have family traditions that you've done for many, many years...sometimes they even pass from generation to generation.  At times, though, as your kids grow up (like mine DID that happen?) traditions need to change...or end and new ones need to be started.

In that spirit I have decided to simplify my Christmas-ing.  I usually do a pretty big house decorating job...three trees, lights and Christmas items everywhere.  I love how my house looks at Christmas but it is a lot of work and takes me several days to complete.  This year I decided to really cut back to something more manageable.  I have given our big 9 1/2 foot tree to my daughter (passing the torch...errrr...tree!) which was a bear to put up.  It's a gorgeous tree when fully decorated but I think it's better in her house where she, her hubby and her two little kiddos can enjoy it.  I put up a small tree in my living room and one in my dining room...and a few lights around and my house is done.

Although I gave my daughter many of my ornaments I did keep some of my this little frame...which has a picture of my two children dancing at her wedding.

And this cute sock monkey because he's just cute and makes me smile...

And this cute little car which I gave to my son a few years back to commemorate all the years of getting live trees when he used to be the champ at picking the best tree out!
And this little ornament of the Tower of Pisa which always brings back wonderful memories of my trip to Italy in 2008.
And this ornament with a picture of my mother who passed away in 2008 and was always a huge part of our Christmases.  We miss her very much and make sure she is on our tree every year.
Well, that's all I have time for right now...I'm off to play a tennis match in 30plus degree weather.  We tennis ladies are a crazy bunch!

Happy Crafting!


  1. I think you are doing a great thing by passing the torch... er, tree! I love seeing children look at the trees in wonder and excitement... Well, mine still do but it's more like they are looking for cash..
    I love your ornaments! The leaning Tower? Really??? Must go find one!

  2. I have been thinking the same thing- time to change the traditions- we always get a live tree and I'm exhausted just thinking about getting it/decorating/ your ornaments too! :)Amy

  3. Like your tree & ornaments. Hubby has started the outside Christmas decorating. We do a Snoopy theme. I'm starting the inside decorating. We got a live tree many years ago and then we had live Christmas wreaths but now use artificial for both.

  4. I'm all about sock monkeys! We got a big one for 2nd Peter. How wonderful to have one on your tree! =)


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