Sunday, August 31, 2014

Project Life, 2014: Week 9

Happy, happy Sunday!

Today I am going to craft.  I truly am.  My friend is coming for a few hours to play with me so I will actually leave my laptop up here and not be tempted to work on PL and will get my hands inky and dirty instead!

I promise....

But for now we will venture into Project Life Week 9.  The kids were back in Atlanta so my pictures are a mix of a few FL ones but mostly of the kids at home in Atlanta doing regular kinds of activites.
Taylor is not seen much this week.  Guess she was in hiding.  :)

Here is the full two page spread.

I used the Just Jamie March Storyteller kit. with a few templates thrown in from Tracy Larsen and Lori Whitlock.
One thing that is great about digital is how you can adjust the whole template to suit your needs.  For example, this week I had the two photos of David on his daddy's back.  Well, I didn't want to separate them with the 4 3/4 cards that are across the center so what I decided to do was remove two of the smaller cards and make one 4x6 cards.  Perfect!
And of course the sunset week card was done with an Ali Edwards brush/digital stamp.
I love, love, love the photos of David falling asleep on his daddy's back while his daddy was reading the story to him.  That is one tired kid! LOL!!!  And another funny part to me is the position that his night time story gets read to him! LOL.  His daddy is kneeling at the end of the bed and David gets on his back.  Too funny!!!

My son in law is a good daddy who loves his kids and totally participates in the night time routines!

<3 him.

Here is the right side:

The bottom right photos of the boys in their baseball uniforms is a template from Tracy Larsen that I tweaked.  I made the two right photos larger and then cut the individual photo of David out in an oval, did an outline stroke in black of about 5 pixels to set it off a bit and dropped a shadow behind it.  That's the good thing about digital is you can so easily change things and adust size...color...whatever!  Love that part a LOT!!!

I love the wood veneer look of the Today Was Awesome card.......I just dropped a solid paper behind it and then added a paint thingy and the camera to spiff it up a bit.  So easy and fast.

and that's it for today....

Happy Crafting and Happy Creating...however you choose to do it!

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