Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday to You!

Three friends have birthdays today...Debbie, Peggy and Susette!  A big shout out to you...and hope you are all having a fabulous day.  Interestingly I think all are on beachy vacations.  Lucky them!

I recently purchased the Sizzix Flip Its die set at Michaels.  I wasn't too sure about the shape but I loved the assortment of round dies...some with stitching and some scalloped...that came with it.  I am a sucker for round dies that have edges to them.  It's just something you can't cut by hand, you know? 

Anyway, I needed a birthday card for a little boy and thought I'd use these papers.  After it was done I decided it's too "old" for him but maybe I'll find someone else to send it to. 

I used My Mind's Eye Lost and Found papers.I worked very hard to get the circles to line up when the card was closed.  LOL.  Ok, "worked hard" is a silly way to put it. 

BTW, the lighting in my photography studio kitchen was terrible this's dark and gray outside.  Oh well....

Anyway, this is the card and you can see the circle stuff.  I love the circle stuff.

Here is what it looks like all closed up.  My little fingers are holding it closed at the bottom but I cropped those babies out.  I'm telling you that because it looks like my little circles do not line up...but trust me...they do! LOL!

And here is the card opened up so you can see the flip side of the circle.

The problem with these flip cards is where do you WRITE?  I guess I can write on the white panel or maybe even on the backside of the card. 

Oh was fun to do and I loved the circles.  OK, I'm repeating myself...

Simple to do...and very fast.  But now I need a child's birthday card!  LOL!!!

Happy Crafting and Keep Creating!


  1. Like the card. I have had fun with the Circle Flip-Its so much so that I went to Michaels and bought the Regal set also. You did a wonderful job on the layers and paper choices. For writing you can write on the white area below and even above the inside Happy Birthday sentiment or on the back.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. The design looks super cool Susan !
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects


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