Sunday, August 10, 2014

Project Life 2014...The Beginning....

....or actually the middle....let me 'splain.

I had great plans at the beginning of the year to begin Project Life for 2014.  I had really enjoyed making the physical pages in 2013 but thought that if I did it digitally it might go a bit faster.  Oh. Yeah. Right.  It probably would have gone faster if I'd gotten started....uh...months ago!

But start I have.


Woohoo for me.....

I'm enjoying it and it does go much faster for me but it is still time consuming.  Of course, I spend a lot of time tweaking things here and there.  LOL!  If I could just let it be...  Anyway, I haven't done digital scrapbooking in quite a while so I had to relearn how to do some things. 

It does make it easier that there are tons of kits out there that have "presized" cards for the slotted look.  I say "presized" with herkin' (thanks, Donna!) quotation marks around that because nothing fits the slotted pages perfectly and all must be resized!  But it is sure faster than trimmer edges off of real paper! 

So I will being a Project Life 2014 tab at the top of my page if you ever want to go back and see my stuff.
But for is the left side of week 30.

And here is the right side:
I mostly used Traci Reed's July page kit and also some templates from Tracy Larsen and Lily Pad.

I decided I'd start at the present and then work backwards.  Or maybe I'll start at the present and go to the beginning of the year....decisions, decisions.

And then I'll have to decide how I want to get this all printed out.  Donna at 365 Days of Donna has hers printed by Persnickety Prints in 8x8 size and says the quality is great.  She then puts the printed pages in page protectors and in a 3 ring album.  Looks very cool!

Well, off to work on another week...or two....

And whatever avenue you enjoy for your creativity...whether it be cards, scrapbooking, digital endeavors, flower arranging or whatever....I hope you find time for some creativity today!


  1. These look great! I wish I could say I was the least bit caught up, but I"m not.

  2. Wonderful! You are off to a great start! Or middle! Or whatever! Love these pages!
    I got my 2013 PL project printed into a 12 x 12 book and I just love it!

  3. These are great! I don't know if I'll ever get in the groove on my photo albums... :-(

  4. I'm so impressed with how quickly you conquered the switch from physical to digital PL, Susan! Everything you've done is fantastic! Whose 12x12 templates did you decide to use?

    Btw, I used to do my digital pages at 12x12 and print them at 8x8. I did that for the the first couple of months or so of 2013, before I changed my mind about the printing. I went back to the beginning of 2013 and had Persnickety Prints print at 12x12 the pages I'd printed at 8x8. I now have all of 2013 in 12x12, and 2014 is 12x12, too.


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