Thursday, August 21, 2014

Project Life Week 32

So, yes, I am jumping around doing my Project Life for 2014.  That's tough for me...the chronological scrapper, but since I started mid year...well, past mid year...I'm going to try to keep current but work on the old stuff concurrently. 

Note to self:  Don't do it this way in 2015! 

I wish I could just put photos in the slots but no....I am using templates to put the photos in and adding SCHTUFF so it is a bit more time consuming.  Still...much less than the paper least for me.  I'm missing my paper, though...need to make a few cards today, perhaps.

Or clean house.  Or not.

So here is Week 32:

 One great thing about Digital Project Life pages is that they just look so clean and neat!  Everything is perfectly aligned.  I do like that!  And look, GLARE!

Here is the left side...a bit closer up.  I used the Just Jamie Storyteller August kit for the papers and embellies.  This is a mega kit that came with digital stamps and all kinds of good stuff.  I really enjoyed working with it.

 That cute little boy with the big blue eyes in the middle of the page is my friend's grandson, Logan.  He's just so cute and such a happy little boy.
I love the photos of my grandkids sleeping.  It is so unusual to see no movement with them.  
In the middle to the right I added a QR code of a very short video of David practicing reading.  I love that he's already sounding out words and learning phonics and sight words...and he isn't even 5 yet!
If you have a QR reader please watch it and let me know it works! ;)
Here is the right side:

I love pages where there are a lot of different activities.  Yay for Dropbox...yay for smartphone cameras...yay for family and friends...yay for selfies and yay for life!

And now...back to February.....LOL!!!

Happy Crafting and Keep Creating!


  1. Such beautiful photos of the children and oooh scrapbooking is so challenging!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  2. Wonderful memories to look at. Like the action moment in time of the Spiderman photo.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. These are fabulous! I LOVE how you add lil embellishments (SCHTUFF) to the photos and also how you matte and frame some! I am all caught up (waiting for something exciting to happen so I have an interesting page!) But I do love how artsy your pages are!

  4. What Niki said - these are fabulous! Jaimee's kits are the best for adding lots of cute details to your pages. Can you imagine how long these pages would have taken if you'd done them physically? Btw, the QR code worked perfectly, even from the small 2-page spread.


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