Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Project Life: Week 6

Week 6...this Project Life layout for Week 6 covers the period of February 2-8.  Some Project Lifers do their pages from Monday-Sunday of a given week so that they have both weekend days together.  That makes sense to me.

I do things that don't always make sense but I prefer to do my pages Sunday-Saturday.  I'm retired.  Every day is a weekend day to me so I'm good with the calendar Sunday to Saturday thing.  I never did like calendars at work that started on a Monday.  Just another one of those OCD qualities....


So here is a Sunday to Saturday week for me which I am calling Week 6.
I was in Florida at the beach and the little kiddies were here in Atlanta.  Thank heavens for iPhone photos, though... I prefer a "real" camera but my daughter who is the mother of the 3 little active ones is lucky to generally have her iPhone with her and can whip it out to snag that photo.  She just doesn't seem to use a "real" camera often any longer.  It works for her...and I get the photos so it works for me.

I used the February Tracy Reed kit with a template by Tracy Larsen .  I didn't have tons of photos for the week (well, I did but most were duplicates....I mean, I must have taken 574 photos of the sunset!) so not many collages here....but that's ok.  This still does show where we were and what we did during the week.  And that's what Project Life is all about.

I love brushes also called digital stamps  (I use Photoshop Elements) and the versatility of them. Easy to change the size...the ink color...the opacity.  Cool beans!

Digital is easier.  It still takes me a while to do it...but it is much easier for me to get things just right and the way I like them.

Here is the left side:

And here is the right:

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  1. I'm behind on reading and commenting, but I sure do love these pages you're doing. I'm with you on loving digital scrapping, templates, iPhones, brushes, . . .. When Graham was little, she and a friend of ours sat on the beach and sang, "I Love You..." by the hour. Sweet memory!


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