Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Card for the Box of Blossoms

I told you that in the Archiver's Box of Blossoms class we handmade several flowers.  One was the torn flower we made that I showed you yesterday.  Another flower was made with tulle.  I don't know about you but I love tulle!  Just so festive looking.  Anyway here is the tulle flower card we made:
And it is totally easy peasy to make!  First you take a circle punch and punch out a circle because that's what you do with a circle punch!  I punched mine out of cardstock with a 2 inch circle punch but you could do any size of flower you want, I imagine.  Take a few pieces of tulle...for this they were about 15 inches long but I did have a bit of overage.  The tulle shown here was a peach color and a turquoise color.  Knot the two pieces together tightly at one end and trim as close to the knot as you can.  Take your punched out circle and cover it totally with adhesive.  We used double sided tape like

This is my favorite tape although I also like Scor-Tape, too.
One nice thing about the Scor-Tape over the red line tape is that you can tear it...the red line tape must be cut with scissors.  The Scor-Tape has a sort of funky smell to it....But both work about the same.  I tend to like the really thin 1/8" tape which works well with most ribbons.  It is very tacky and you have no problem with your ribbon slipping.  I hate slipping ribbon!  (I was at the class the other day and one woman was removing the red liner from the tape before trying to put it in place . WRONG!...what a mess she made and she had tape up to her elbows!....lay your tape in place with the sticky edge AND THEN REMOVE THE LINER!  But you already knew that, right?...I mean we are NOT amateurs!)

By the way I paid $3.99 for a small roll of the 1/8" red line tape at Archiver's but Amazon has MUCH better prices! I LOVE Archiver's but I love a bargain better!

Back to the flower...cover the flower with your adhesive of choice but you don't want something that is fast drying because you need time to work with the tulle.  Adhere the knotted end of the tulle to the center of the circle and then loosely wind the tulle and adhere it in a spiral fashion to the circle.  You don't want to wind the tulle tightly because you wouldn't see the two colors.  Of course if you want the colors to blend by all means wind tightly! 
I think it's so cute...and I think rhis card would mail really well since it's soft and smooshy!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Very nice flower, I like the color choices, I definitely need to get some of the 1/8" tape, I have some 1/4" Recollections Mounting Tape I use on ribbon

  2. Love this flower! I love tulle.


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