Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Great Day for Tennis

What a wonderful day for tennis today!  Blue sky, dry, sunny, warm...
We played Glenlake which is about 20-25 minutes from my house...not too bad of a drive. (The good thing about playing away is that we don't have to provide food!)  I played with my long time tennis partner, Linda and we had a really great match.  We started off down a break but came back and won the first set 6-4.  The two girls we played were quite good...very consistent with a wide variety of shots.  But today was one of those days that all of our shots landed in!  We just couldn't make a mistake!  It was so wonderful to play in the ZONE for once!!!  We just really lucked out with some of the shots...we painted lines as they say.  Very fun!  Anyway, we bageled them in the second set which for the non tennis followers means we beat them 6-0 (0 looks like a bagel, right???)!  Even when we were up 5-0 and I was serving for the match I had this feeling that if we gave them an inch they'd be right back in the match.  I think they were befuddled by us! No other word for it!
It was just so much fun...Linda played sooooo well.  Crisp volleys, deep ground strokes, fabulous overheads!  She closed off the net like a pro!  It was so much fun!!!
Our opponents were very nice and good sports and complimented us on our level of play.  Our team ended up taking 4 of 5 matches today so it was a great day for us!
Winning is always fun...if you lose but you play well or get beat by better players that's ok...what's awful is when you self destruct and beat yourself! HAHA! But not today...We were great.
Autographs available upon request. :)

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  1. You ROCK!
    Waiting for my autograph! And a bagel...
    Thank you!


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