Saturday, April 23, 2011

Loving the i-rock!

The i-rock (I feel the need to capitalize it but it really is left in lower case...sort of weird to me...but oh well...) Anyway, I quickly got off subject there...back to the i-rock. Here is what it looks like:

Cute and very pink!  AngelCakes' Grammy mentioned she had gotten one and was impressed with it so I used a 50% off coupon at Michael's and got one!  If you don't have Michael's or Joann's near you here is a link to one at
The i-rock is manufactured by a popular company called Imaginisce which makes all kinds of wonderful srapbooking and paper products.

So.....WHAT IS AN i-rock you ask?

It is a little battery operated tool that heats up and permanently affixes bling on your paper crafts as well as fabric and the website states...even furniture!  You set your bling in place where you want the button on the side of the i-rock which heats up the tip (NOTE: DON'T touch it to see if it's hot.  It is! Experience is speaking here!) Touch the tip to your bling and the heat transfers through it and melts the adhesive at the base and viola(!)...your cute little gems and nailheads are glued down FOREVER!

I use mine all the time now because I DO LOVE really has become one of my favorite tools!  Run...don't walk to get yours now!!!


  1. I agree with Susan - this is a GREAT little tool!

  2. I keep putting off buying this tool. But I'm getting more frustrated with the glue that comes on the "manual" bling. I think I might break down and get one of these. Thanks for the recommendation!


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