Thursday, April 28, 2011

JetMax Cube

Like most scrappers and paper crafters I am also addicted to organizational products!  I always think it will magically make my life simpler...but of course organization is only good if you maintain it!  So since I do not maintain my organization I am always re-organizing!
I have picked up a few of the JetMax cubes at Michael's when they are on sale (which is often!).  I picked this 4 drawer unit up the other day to use for my static dies (Spellbinders, Paper Trey Ink, Sizzix, Cuttlebug, etc) as well as my embossing folders.
I put it together all by myself.  They are easy and the directions are good...
The only problem I had was that MY HUSBAND did not put the electric screwdriver back on the charger so it was DEAD and I had to use an "OH MY!" manual Philips head screwdriver!
I opened the box and extracted all the pieces which were all marked with letters of the alphabet (how clever!).
Basically you take one A and screw it together with 2 Bs, etc.  Easy to follow directions, thankfully!
(Bad photo ALERT!)...
Here are some of the pieces.  They are sitting in my favorite chair because I needed to assemble in the comfort of my living room!  I could have assembled it in my craft room which have made better sense because of course once I got this all put together I had to carry it to my craft room!  It's a good thing I am in such great shape because these little cubes are heavy! (Joking....about being in great shape...not about the pieces being heavy!)
So I started assembling...

Heheheh...half way there...all 4 sides on and secured.
And above with a partially assembled drawer...
3 drawers to go!

I did finish it and all 4 drawers in in and ready to be filled!

I am going to use it to store my embossing folders and my static dies (like Cuttlebug, Paper Trey Ink, Spellbinders, etc.)  I need a better system than I have now so what I plan to do is to make file folders and label.  We scrapbookers and paper crafters love labeling don't we???


  1. Oh, the memories of when Carter and I made bookshelves for a whole wall years ago. I told Peter, "You could do something to help!" He went out and bought us an electric screwdriver. :-/


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