Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Did It!

The Gadget Queen has struck again.  "We" (that's how Queen Elizabeth I referred to herself and it just sounds so ROYAL!) have purchased the brand new available for only a limited time CRICUT EXPRESSION 2 that launched on Monday on HSN.  "We" were thinking "we" did not need it but as "we" watched the presentation on HSN "we" got WEAK!

So, GQ is getting herself a brand new E2.

 HSN was offering it at a pretty good price which was $344 with free shipping.  Apparently HSN had something like 9000 machines and amazingly SOLD OUT...I don't believe they are getting more but I could be wrong about that. 

The new E2 comes preloaded with 4 cartridges.  Now, I know I never buy cartridges at retail of $89 each but if I did then I would spend $356 on those same cartridges!  So really...Provocraft is practically paying me to take the machine!  (I'm good at justifying things...)  I see that E2 will retail for over $550 when it's available elsewhere.  Now I know that the price will come down but I figured the price HSN had it at was pretty reasonable.

So...what's so great about it?  Well one thing is that it has a touch screen so no need for overlays.  Setting are preloaded for various paper types which was also a nice new feature.  There is a light to show the cutting area.  Another thing is that it's smaller than the original Expression.  I think the feature that sold me is that it will cut images from the Imagine cartridges.  It does not print but it will cut.  I thought that was another really great feature of this which the original Expressions does not do.

Here is a video that shows all about it:

I'm should be here by the end of next week....and then "WE" will begin playing with it!


  1. I'm so excited for "We" (wish it was me getting one also) but I should say "you" since you will do amazing crafting things with the new E2. Congrats! Like your justification.

  2. I like how "we" justifies this purchase. So since GQ is good a justifying things, can you show justification for my hubby as to why he needs to get one for me too? ;) Have fun! Can't wait to see what you create with it next week!


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