Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where is MY MOJO?!

I seem to have lost a bit of Mojo.  I wanted to work on some Easter cards but the inspiration I needed never did arrive!  I played around with my Gypsy and Cricut a bit and had a good time cutting, pasting...fiddling with this and that but the end result was not something I want to share here!  The good news is that I saw what I didn't like, you know? So, I guess I can consider that progrees!  Don't have to totally go back to the drawing board, perhaps...but a  little tweaking may be necessary.
I am the world's slowest scrapper or paper crafter.  I literally spent 8 straight hours at a crop once working on one layout.  But it WAS a great layout when it was done!  I fiddle with everything...change things, adjust things, make this bigger, that smaller, etc., etc., etc.! But that whole process is what I most cases the end result is secondary for me.  It's all about the process.  So, I may not produce great quantities of things but I usually enjoy just about every minute it takes me to get one little card done.
So...tonight I spent a few hours and came away with nothing, nada, nichts! Oh well...there is always tomorrow, right? 
If you find any mojo laying around....please send some to me!

Totally off other favorite activity is tennis.  Right now I'm playing on 2 teams.  One plays on Thursday mornings and one plays on Sunday afternoons.   I have a match tomorrow morning and MY KNEE IS SORE!!!! What is up with that?!  I cannot have a sore knee...I have lobs to run down...volleys to get to the net for...a sore knee will just not do!  So, I'm going to head to bed and elevate my leg and hope that tomorrow the mojo will return and the icky feeling in my knee will go find some other place to hang out (and I don't mean on MY body!).

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  1. Hi Susan,
    This is a great blog and so...creative. :) I've been thinking about Easter a lot lately and trying to "shake it up" a little. I really want to refocus it from chocolate marshmallow bunnies (Yum) and spring flowers to what I believe should be the focus. Anyway, I was thinking that maybe you would have a good idea for making Easter cards that use an old Christmas Card saying of "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" and turn it into an Easter card? What could that look like? Any ideas? I also would like John 3:16 as maybe a verse that is included somewhere along with Happy Easter or Easter Blessings.

    Oh and I need 30 of them by April 15 so get your MoJo working. HaHaHa

    Your Favorite Sister in Law.


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