Monday, April 11, 2011

A Cherished Card

I also love to receive handmade cards from friends and family.  There is just something special about knowing someone took the time to make a card for you.  I received this card on my birthday 9 years ago from my good friend Jenna.  She was 8 years old at the time and she made this beautiful card by herself!

Her mother, Holly, a friend who also is a scrapbooker and cardmaker, showed her how to do it and left her to herself.  Jenna made this wonderful card with chalks and Tsukineko VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad resist ink.  I was so touched to receive this from her and it has been hanging in my crafting room since then! 
Jenna is now a senior in high school...and will be graduating next month and off to college in the fall!  She has grown to be a beautiful young woman and I know she will be doing all kinds of wonderful things with her life.  I am just glad that I've known her since she was just a little girl!


  1. Pretty card. Now you have also received a new handmade Easter card from me.

  2. That is so sweet! Nothing like a handmade card from a friend. :)

  3. I think that becauseJenna as so young makes it even more special. She did a nice job!


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