Sunday, April 17, 2011

Slider Card for Box of Blossoms

Another card we worked on was a slider card.  I have made these before cutting cardstock and using baggies or zip lock bags for the slider mechanism.  There are many videos up on youtube that give instructions for making these.  BUT, during my class the other day we were given a precut and pre-scored slider card which, I believe, was made by PineCone Press. Now, if you click on that link you will see the slider cards are for sale but it looks to me like you only get ONE for $6.00.  That seems a bit pricey to me...I don't know that I would pay that much for one when I can make one pretty easily.  Nonetheless it was nice to have something so easy to assemble.
This is how the naked (ooooh la la!) card looked when it was assembled:

Here it is opened up:

Here's the finished card closed up and then opened so you can see how the insides come spilling out (sounds so graphic!):

These cards would be wonderful to place a gift card on one of the slider parts for the upcoming graduate!
This was so easy to do...I cut my background papers so they'd fit the dimensions of the card (just 3 pieces).  

Then I took some of the scraps I had and tore three circles at different sizes so I could stack them.  Again, you aren't looking for a perfect circle so don't be too fussy with it!  In the sample that Archivers gave us it looked like the flower had been ceased a bit, but what I did was spray it with water until it was wet and then wadded it up or crumpled it  into a ball...opened it up, let it dry and then stacked the flower "petals" one on top of the other finishing with a little sentiment.  I made two of the dimensional leaves which I already showed you how to do yesterday.  So if you didn't get those little tips...go to the post for yesterday!

Here's a great video for watching how to make one from a piece of cardstock on youtube: Double Slider Card.  Dawn (who did the video) used grocery bags to make the slider mechanism but I would recommend baggies or Zip Lock bags as they are clear and you don't have to worry about any part of it being visible.

And another great online freebie.  I subscribe to PaperCrafts magazine (you can order it here: Paper Crafts (1-year auto-renewal) ).  I love that magazine!  Lots of great card making ideas.  Each month they also provide a freebie download of sentiments that can be printed on your home computer and then cut out to place in a card or on a scrapbook page.  Here is this month's which includes Mother's Day and Father's Day sentiments: PaperCrafts Sentiments.  Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and then you can download and save out either a jpeg or pdf file.  I just love "King of the Grill"! 

And that's all the blogging you're going to get from me today!  The dust bunnies are calling me!



  1. Love these slider cards and the colors are just so pretty too! I need to get some cleaning done as least I'll find peace knowing someone else is suffering through it with me!!

  2. I still have the slider card you made for me. I just can't seem to figure it out. I'm gonna need a personal lesson on this one!

  3. I enjoyed making a 4th of July slider card using a Sizzix firecracker die cut and you pull the end of the firecracker. Do you still have the one I made for you?


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