Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Woo Hoo Sort of Day!

I arrived at the tennis courts today for the big match and as luck would have it one of my opponents was younger than either of my children!!!  I hate playing youth....they hit too hard! Wah, wah, wah! And when I met up with my partner, Tressa, she started off by telling me that when she lifted her Golden Retriever (WHAT WAS SHE THINKING???) into her vehicle she sort of threw out her back.  Oh great...I have a gimpy knee and she has a weak back! And we are playing someone bigger, taller, stronger and MUCH YOUNGER!
But luck was on our side today...and we also played really well and AGE (ok, Tressa is young but I'm a grandmother for goodness sakes!) and EXPERIENCE were victorious once again!  WE WON!!!  6-4, 6-3.  And to make matters even better I realized I had played and lost to those same ladies last year.  So what a great day! 
So, here's a picture of Tressa and me....

And the 3 fingers up do NOT refer to having played 3 sets (we won in straight sets) or having drunk 3 margaritas (we only each had one, I swear) but are really "W's" for WINNERS!  Her hand is one way...I think that's a bad gesture in some foreign country, Tressa!...and mine is the other but really we were showing a "W" for WINNUHS!!!
We have something like 16 people on our team...and only 10 play each week.  You'd think we'd never run out of people.  BUT NOOOOO...12 of our people deserted us is spring break here and there was a mass exodus of my teammates to the beach, Disney...and someone even decided to WORK today! So we were down to 4 regular team members.  But our captain was very creative and industrious and she added some people to play today and we ended up winning 3 of the 5 matches so we TOOK THE DAY!  Very exciting for us.
Here is our captain, Marcie (on the right) and her partner, Vickie.  They also won AND PLAYED IN THE TOP POSITION!  They ROCKED!!!

I don't know why they are holding up empty mugs.  There had been magaritas in those, as well, trust me....  Not only can they win at tennis but they can also drink margaritas for lunch.  We ARE a versatile team!  So many skills....

Fun day with fun ladies!  I just totally heart my team....


  1. Looks like you all had a great time!

  2. LOL! Love the list of ailments. =) Welcome to old age. =)

  3. Woo Hoo on beating the YOUNGINS! You rock! You all look wonderful in the pics! I would have loved to see a Margharita though... Maybe next match!


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