Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Form of Creative Expression

Today was a girlie day...3 of my good friends and I went to one of those pottery painting places to hang out, chat, laugh and, in general, make a huge mess.  I was most impressed with myself...not because I made anything really wonderful...but because I managed to avoid getting paint all over myself! 

I chose a ladybug bank and a mug to make.  The mug has T's and D's all over it for David and Taylor (my adorable grandson and for the baby who will be joining our family in just a few short months).  I thought it would be a wonderful piece out of which to drink my morning coffee.

So, I wanted to paint them red...the ladybug and the mug.  Does this look red to you?  But the assistant assured me that when the piece is cooked it will look darker.  I sure hope so.  This pinky mud color will certainly NOT do!

I think painting pottery is definately not my calling...but it was fun I will say.  The best part was spending time with girlie friends.  :)

We pick up our finished fired pieces in 5 days.  Ahhhh...such creativity!


  1. I had fun too....thanks for inviting me to go with you! I'm certain that my "creations" will not be any masterpieces either -- but it was FUN!

  2. Yeah I scrap better too.. ;) Chic :)


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