Friday, April 15, 2011

Finished Box!

I worked on finishing out the little cardboard box I made in the Archiver's class.  I simply tore some papers for the front (followed the Archiver's design...not my own idea!) and then made 3 little rosettes!
Here's the finished box:
Isn't it cute?  And don't you love those flowers?  I know I do...3 Dimensional flowers are so trendy in papercrafting right now!  These flowers were pretty easy to make and I know I'm going to use this technique many more times.
You basically take a square of paper...I think I started with a 2 1/2 inch square.  Tear it into a circle won't be perfect but that's fine.
As you can see...mine looks more like a square circle! HAHA! 
Next you tear the circle into a spiral. It sounds complicated but it is not.  Just tear in about 1/2 inch and keep going round and round until you get to the middle.  Your finished spiral will look something like this:

From the outside piece start rolling it up tightly.  When you have it rolled into the center, let it uncoil a bit and it will look like this:
Put a little dab of hot glue (or any adhesvie) on the center of your spiral and glue your flower to it.  Then you can go back and curl your "petals" if you desire.
I love these and they are pretty easy to make!  I think they look best with solid cardstock or two sided paper. What do you think? Do you think they are adorable?
And here's another card we made with the same flower technique:

We also learned how to make cute little but very simple leaves.
First you get the paper you want to use (of course you HAVE TO HAVE PAPER!).
You can free hand a leaf or if you have an Cat Eye Ink pads around they are the perfect shape for a leaf.
Cut them out and you can distress them.  I love the little Tonic Studios Tim Holtz 370 Paper Distresser. It's inexpensive and easy to use.  You can see mine in my picture here:
It is a great little just rub the edges of your paper with the tool and it makes it all gloriously messy looking!
THEN...and this is very cool...fold the leaf in half lengthwise and then accordion fold it.  Kind of like this:
Then you can open them up and have the cutest dimensional flowers made out guessed it...PAPER!
Here is the finished box with a few cards in it:

More later!


  1. the flowers are very pretty, I'll have to try to make some

  2. That box is so cute!! I admire your patience in doing putting together this project.


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