Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bold Backgrounds: Card 2 (Or How to Make a Mess with Paint!!!)

Here is the second card made Sunday at Archivers in the Bold Backgrounds class I took:
We made 4 cards during this class and the theme was using paint...especially for backgrounds.  
The first thing we did was to take a paint dabber like one of these here:
Paint Dabbers Metallic 1 Ounce Bottle-Gold
to run around the four edges of the outside of the card (no need to paint the whole card as we were putting the mat sized corrugated paper over it).  The color we used was aptly called Raspberry.
We did have a corrugated piece of paper and we rubbed a Sandal Pint Dabber over the raised edges for a little distressed look.  We stamped the sentiment on Kraft cardstock...the sentiment was from the Live and Laugh Words set by Hero Arts and cut the sentiment apart into 3 pieces edging each with a Paint Dabber. These were adhered to the card front with Pop Dots.  We stamped a flower image 3 times cutting them out with a 2 inch punch and a 1 1/2 inch punch.... The large flower on the bottom left has a bit of Distressed Stickles added to it.  To make the flower on the stem we just sort of freehanded some notched out areas to give it the look of petals.  We also punched out a circle and painted it and edged it with a contrasting color for a little more dimension.  I freehand cut the stem and leaves and painted those...and then ran an Espresso Paint Dabber on the edges. They were also adhered with pop dots.  I love the way that flower turned out!  This card was actually fairly simple and was put together really quickly.
And I love that corrugated paper and the effect it gives.  Note to self: Buy a sheet of that!
As I mentioned...I don't know how heavily I will get into painting....I'm sort of an impatient cardmaker or scrapper and don't always like waiting for things to dry...but I will admit that the Paint Dabbers are easy to work with and the paints dry relatively quickly.
I did buy the sentiment stamp set mentioned above....I liked the boldness of the sentiments.  I am a sentiment junkie, anyway...I love them...big ones, little ones, fancy ones, simple ones....love them all!

Card 3 will be presented tomorrow so stay tuned!


  1. Good Morning,
    I love this card who would have thought of adding the corrugated paper on it, really cute..
    Have a great day.

  2. Paint dabbers are cool. I like the look of the card. Can you not use a paper crimper to make the corrugated paper with Kraft cardstock?

  3. You could get a similar look with kraft cardstock but wouldn't give the feel and sturdiness of the corrugated paper. That has a backing to it and is made out of...well, cardboard so it's much heavier than cardstock. I don't know what crimper you have...but those I have are from Fiskars and I'm not sure would be wide enough for the mat (which is about 5 1/4 inches high) to make the lines horizontal...could do them vertically, though, I suppose. I'm not at my home for a few more days, though, so I can't check it out.

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