Friday, June 17, 2011

Not Around the Corner but Not too Far...

I got a few emails and comments about my returning home today.  I probably make it sound like I'm going across state lines but in reality my daughter and her family only live about 20 miles from me.  Just a bit northeast of me a bit...but still in metro Atlanta.  She lives quite close to Archiver's....I'm so glad she decided to move there and perhaps in a few years hubby and I will sell our home and move out that way.  It takes me 35-45 minutes depending on the traffic so not bad at all.  I see her several times a week...but I just won't be spending the night here. 
Their new house has an "Omie room"'s my room and doubles as a guest room when I'm not here so I am very comfy.  I even have my own bathroom!  I'm very lucky, indeed!
My daughter has been complaining that we only have a few pictures of me holding New Baby Girl which is true since I am the family today I handed the camera to her and she snapped this one of me and NBG.  NBG is 15 days old today and daughter captured a smile! :)
NBG looks big but it's really just because I'm little!  She's about 7 lbs. now. 
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Glad that you were on other side of camera for this adorable smile photo.

  2. A lovely photo indeed. Well it's great that you can spend time with them. We also have a lovely room in our son's house, but don't get to use it that often unfortunately. One in New Zealand and one in Netherlands, but they are officialy our rooms!!!

  3. Aww! Sweet! She looks much like BB (big brother) in this picture.

  4. LOVE this picture Susan....she looks like the cat who ate the canary, finally getting her Omie time.


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