Sunday, June 5, 2011

So Much to Do...So Little Time...

My daughter, her husband, and the new baby got home from the hospital last night and my daughter is looking much better.  She's actually getting a bit of rest.  I, on the other hand, am worn out from running after my adorable but very busy 20 month old grandson!  Whew!!!
So, I'll still be on hiatus from paper crafting although I'm thinking about going to my house today and picking up some stuff to work on...maybe a kit where all I need to get started is just a pair of scissors, some adhesive and my hands!  Of course, I'd only get to work on it for about 3 minutes when A.G. (Adorable Grandson) takes his 4 minute nap in the afternoon!  Who knew time could pass soooo fast?!
I do have an internet connection here which is great but the connection is sooooo sloooooow...I have been spending time looking for ideas, though...that is always a fun thing for me to do which makes no mess!  I did remember that Cricut has its own blog HERE and of course, there are some great ideas there...the most recent post was about the Cricut cake...cute idea!

Here is a photo taken yesterday of A.G. giving New Baby Sister some lovin'!

Hope you all have a happy Sunday!

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  1. What a creative angle on that shot! I always did like the back of things.


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