Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bold Backgrounds: Card 4 (Or How to Make a Mess with Paint!!!)

This is the last card in the "How to Make a Mess with Paint" series.  I actually found myself at Michael's this evening (how DID I get there?!) and actually bought a 3 pack of Paint maybe I'll Dabble  (haha...get it?  Dabber...Dabble...HAHA!) in a little more paint in the future. is the last card we made at Archiver's during my recent class.  I didn't design this....kudos again to the Archiver's design team as this card was very cute, too!
Isn't it lovely?
The first thing we did was paint all 4 edges of the basic kraft A2 card.  We took another piece of cardstock that measured about 4" by 5 1/4" and used it to make a background.  We did this by taking a large stamp called the Classic Fabric Design Cling Stamp (love that Damask look which is so popular right now!)
Classic Fabric Design Cling Stamp (Hero Arts)
dabbed some paint on it, laid it face up on the table, put our cardstock piece over it....ran a brayer over it and we had a fabulous printed background!  I love this method!
We stamped "Kindness" on a small piece of canvas and frayed the edges a bit.  We had stamped and cut out the large blue flower and then used Crackle Paint on it...we also glammed up some paper flowers by using Glimmer Glaze...added some bling, a painted piece of twine and a painted button.  I really loved the result...don't you?


  1. LOL, dabble- dabbler I so got it, thanks for the laughs this morning. I know what you mean about getting to Michaels, my car drives there all by itself, I'm thinking yours does too...
    Beautiful card, have a wonderful day.

  2. That card is very cute, maybe I need to venture over there and take a class with you one of these days!


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