Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Show Us...Your Punch Storage

Favorite blogger Christina of Creations with Christina has put up a few pictures of her punch storage (which is waaay cooler than mine! LOL!) and asked her blog readers to do the same.
So here is mine....not much to look is?  Sure wouldn't win any awards in the "Oh, That's so Cute Department"!

I have one of those shoe over the door storage thingies...and keep my punches in it.  Again, just like my desk...I refer to this mess as "organized chaos"...really I can easily find the punches I need as I do have a bit of organization here even though I am sure you will be befuddled by it!
I used to have a bunch of punches and used to participate in punch swaps in the days of yore but then I sold many as I wasn't using them.  In the past few years I've started picking up a few and I do have some border punch favorites...and I like the Fiskars Squeeze punches and have picked up a few of those as well. ain't gonna win any beauty contests is what it is! :)


  1. Like the use of door shoe organizer for punches because you can see what you have. I like the Fiskars squeeze punches because you can see where you are punching.

  2. Looks just like mine, great minds think alike.
    Have a great day.

  3. I did this too, but think I was heavy-handed and it all fell apart :)
    Enfys x

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  5. this is a great idea...I am a visual scrapper if I see it I use it so the clear shoe organizer is great...will have to go look for one. thanks


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